How to Bring Art to the Unwashed Masses

100_3002.JPG copy One of the things I like to focus on is keeping my art accessible for everyone. Art doesn’t need to be obscure, just for artists, it can be something that speaks to everyone.. even good old joe on the corner. So, how do you bring art to the lowest common denominator?

This works on the principle of putting said denominator in the vicinity of art that will appeal and capitalize on the power of the internet to make sure it keeps coming up to maximize exposure to the art-forms.

See if you can guess the magic ingredient..

  1. Find something that appeals to Men and Women both, a subject that speaks to them both (even for different reasons).
  2. Write about it on your blog. Write about things related to it, eat, sleep and breathe it! get your pagerank on, write news, reviews and everything that relates – relate it back to your work.
  3. Make sure when people search for it, they are going to find your blog
  4. Generate interest in yourself by alluding to it constantly, make sure when people think of that – they are thinking of you!
  5. Try to work reference to it in conjunction with celebrities for extra points.
  6. Finally, add some art to every post to create a link – Don’t underestimate the effect of pretty pictures on the unwashed masses!

Have you guessed the magic subject yet? It’s the yellow brick road of the internet, It’s the most searched for thing.. Porn!

for me it all boils down to one thing. Nudity! I paint nude, I paint nudes, I discuss nude art news and philosophy, I post nude paintings, ideas and I disappoint many many hopeful surfers to my blog every day. They do get nudes, and lots of nudity, they just don’t get the sort they were after. but, for that brief time they are exposed to art (or it is exposed to them) and they stop for a moment, and think, neurons firing in different ways.

What hook can you find to appeal to the great unwashed?

This is my response to the latest ProBlogger Group Writing Project – ‘How To…’

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