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Spirit  - 21x36 Oils on CanvasJennie Rosenbaum, an artist from Melbourne, Australia, participates in the Artists Interview Artists Project on Thinking about Art. Read the full interview here.

1. Is art making important to your health or well being, why or why not?

Very much, I credit my painting with helping me recover and get on with my life after a debilitating injury and chronic pain. When I paint, all worries and pain disappear and I live in the moment. I tend to get very moody if I don’t paint in fact, so much so that my husband frequently orders me into my studio – He always knows when I need to paint, it’s like an addiction.

2. How or when dose a painting become art and not craft, and what is the difference between the two?

To me, it is emotional content that bridges the gap to art. a piece that the viewer can empathize with and gain some feeling from. If I can create a link with myself as the artist and the viewer then I consider the piece a successful work of art.

3. Why do you think others (non artists) should care about our art practice?

I deal with non-artists a lot and find they appreciate the mystery of the piece. I prefer to share small stories about the paintings or about myself rather than telling them about what blends I use and the techniques involved. I find that a little information helps the non-artist appreciate the works more, but too much can put them off the piece. They seem to be more interested in the artist, to give them background to the work, than to the practice of creating.

[From Thinking About Art: Artists Interview Artists: Jennie Rosenbaum]

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