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Jennie Rosenbaum’s writing has been published in the Financial Express as a column entitled Art and Difference. The article explores the extremes present in the public’s attitude towards nudes. The article was first published on Jennie’s blog Jennie’s Palette.

: My art belongs to the people of India,” [Maqbool Fida] Husain said in an interview published in The Times of India… “I’m more concerned about art reaching the common people.” Husain…was forced to leave India several years ago….
“Naked can be more scrutinizing and offensive, where nude, as more of a concept, is usually not so. This brings me to my million-dollar question: If you had to decide between your child being confronted by a sexually explicit, media-mangled image or a nude figure in a work of art, which would you choose?”

The subtle difference between nude and naked—Lifestyle [hyperlink]

I think this is quite a confrontational but excellent article. Given all the issues at the moment with nudity and specifically children seeing nude art, I think we need to establish our priorities and work out what the real issue is.

For centuries and centuries, nudity has been one of the most…

[From Art and difference]

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