Nudes of the Month: August

Freedom  36x36 Oils on Canvas announced today that their August Nudes of the Month competition is now online. Jennie Rosenbaum is delighted to announce that her ochre nude Freedom has been selected to launch this month’s Nudes of the Month in the coveted August 1 position. Freedom has also been nominated for a curators choice award.

“When the Morris Museum Exhibitions Curator, Ann Aptaker, sat down to select the barebrush August calendar, she noted the general loss of skill in the art world over the last 30 years, but thought that maybe this was starting to turn around. Happily, barebrush artists pleasantly confirmed her hopes. “There is a lot of talent here,” she said, “and the artists are taking skill seriously.” Aptaker chose Jennie Rosenbaum to launch the month with her sweeping use of space.”

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