Painting for Bushfire relief

Rage 21x36 Oils on Canvas Verso  - 18x18 Oils on CanvasHiding  18x18 Oils on Canvas

Australia is being wracked by bushfires, Victoria has had the worst fires in recorded history with (at time of writing) 181 confirmed dead and over 700 homes lost. the projected death toll is 300 at this stage. whole towns are gone. families are devastated, homeless, grieving.
fires were already raging when Victoria had it’s hottest day in history on Saturday with a recorded top of 46.4 (115.5 f). there have been uncountable fires, some getting uncomfortably close to home and loved ones. the call has gone out for anyone who can do anything, volunteer, donate, give blood, give housing, whatever you can.

I am selling these paintings. 100% of the proceeds will go to bushfire relief in Victoria. it’s all I can do to help so please – whether you live in Australia or another part of the world you can own a work of art and know that you have made a difference. click on the paintings to view purchase details.

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