Motive – 21×36 Oils on Canvas


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a world of warcraft themed painting created for a specific exhibition. the tension between Arthas, Jaina and Thrall in a love triangle. of course this is an older story now that Thrall is married to someone else and his successor bombed Jaina and Arthas is dead, but once upon a time this triangle existed.


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This piece is Oils on Canvas painted in my signature ochre technique using layered washes and strategic removal of paint to create a wonderful three dimensional look and a strong emotional feel. Skin tones are produced using this technique with colors and glazes to enhance the emotive qualities and sketcherly aspect of the figures. The canvas is used as an element in this painting lending it’s texture to the overall work. The colors are warm, earthy and sensual with a wonderful tonal quality.

This Painting is presented on wide gallery wrapped canvas with professional hanging hardware. It is ready to hang on your wall. It is signed ‘Jennie’ on the front. All works are sent with a Certificate of Authenticity. My Paintings are shipped direct to you via Australia Post Express and Express Courier International. I will issue with a tracking number when it is shipped. all works are securely boxed and padded and ship within one week.


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