FanBoy vs ArtBoy: Comics

Rebirth 10x8 Oils on Canvas - $200

I’m contributing three paintings to FanBoy vs ArtBoy: Comics at the wonderful ArtBoy Gallery in Greville st Prahran. I’ve collected comics for many years and love the lore and development that goes into so many characters. this time, when faced with so many options I chose to focus on Jean Grey.


Like ripping open a shirt to expose a red “S”, ArtBoy Gallery can finally reveal the true identity of our next
fan art exhibition!

After the success of Round 1:Videogames, we called out “FANBOYS ASSEMBLE!”

And faster that a speeding bullet, you did!

For the sake of the planet and all mankind, FanBoys from around the country got busy painting up their favourite comic book superheroes and villains for “FanBoy vs. ArtBoy: Comics”

Looking more like the Hall Of Justice, this exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery will be held over the Queens Birthday long weekend 11th -13th June.

30 local and interstate artists including:

James Panic/Bruyn/Matthew Dunn/Nicole Tattersall/Mike Adey/Allain de Leon/Brett Willis/Heesco/Jennie Rosenbaum/Nick Abdilla/ADi/Ishi/Fletcher Andersen/Pierre Llago/Ed Bechervaise/Ex-Robot/Garry Byrne/Ralph Rosa/Satta van Daal/Raz Solo/DEEJ/James Camilleri/ Joe Villanti/Duraan Reid and more….


[From FanBoy vs ArtBoy: Comics (8)]

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