Fanboy vs ArtBoy: Science Fiction

Come Join me and explore strange new worlds and distant horizons at FanBoy vs ArtBoy: Science Fiction.

Opens Friday 25th Nov 6-9pm

Exhibition runs until 4th Dec

ArtBoy Gallery – 99 Greville St, Prahran, Vic


Join me and such wonderful artists as Heesco – Mike Adey – Matthew Dunn – Nicole Tattersall – Josh Lord – Ishi – Pierre Lloga – Kareem Rizk – CALM – ADi – Rebecca Murphy – Frederic Truteau (Fr) – Lisa C. (Fr) – Suzanne Ado (S.A) – DEEJ – Frantz Kantor – Maria Finna – Joe Villanti – Ben F Guy – Jack Douglas – RJW – Lindsay Walker – Matthew Wood – Serg Sobolev – and so many more….

plus we get to vote on the topic of the next FanBoy exhibition! how exciting!

Find out more about my works and my love affair with the borg here..

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