Messengers of the Gods

Mission to Seafarers Messengers of the Gods Invitation

Throughout the ages, different religions have had visions of messengers of the gods;winged creatures, angelic beings. This exhibition explores the different concepts called Angels, Seraphim, cherubim, and various mythologies surrounding angelic winged creatures throughout history.

The paintings explore different mythological representations of angels from several cultures, past and present. I have studied art history, comparative religion and mythology at length and have put my studies into practice in this exhibition. I examine the notion that while so many religions are different, they have many similarities as well, and that it is exciting to explore the similarities, rather than dwell on the differences. From the beautifully colored multi-wing angels of Islam to the different choirs of angels in Christianity, to Hindu Kinnari and Taoist Tian Shi. From history to the present, a look a the messengers of the gods.

exhibition runs from the 22nd to the 6th of March  at the Historic Dome Gallery at Mission to Seafarers – 717 Flinders St, Melbourne Australia.

30% of the proceeds from sales will go towards the Mission to Seafarers and their Flying Angel Clubs, maintaining the physical and Mental health of seafarers of all nations. This exhibition is proudly supported by Bendigo Bank.

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