2016 Art Masters Exhibition 

30x30" Digital Print on MDF with Augmented Reality Installation - a figure sitting in a very masculine pose on a chaise looking at his phone, he has a very curvaceous body

The culmination of my masters degree! Come by to see my work upstairs in the bracks elbow space.

A dazzling array of casual nudity, godlike figures arrayed in silks stare at their phones, unselfconscious of their skin. The viewer lifts their phone and through the lens the image distorts, changes. It becomes more, somehow, but on second glance at the wall beyond it is unchanged. It remains as it was. The device takes the original image and it distorts, changing into a painterly aspect, more fluid somehow, colors appear from nowhere. The images turn to stained glass, to paint, to mosaic, they remain unmistakably the same image, but change to become somehow other inside the screen. Untouched by human hands.

The figures are not real. They do not exist. The question stands as to whether they ever existed at all. They have skin and hair, venous details that emerge, but they are subtly wrong; different somehow, too perfect, too regular, too still. The lighting and spaces they reside in are like a pristine studio, a laboratory, an otherworldly nether space where they exist only in limbo. They are lit as if in a photographic studio, but the photographer is a machine. The figures are sprites and any life they have is purely relegated to the ghosts in the machine. Every part of these figures is human… And yet they are inhuman, un aging, un knowing, un changeable. Until, that is, the phone interacts with them. As the figures gaze into their phones, the viewer peers at them through their phone. The viewer sees change that perhaps speaks of a human hand. Perhaps the human interaction they crave is within the circuits and screen of their phone.

More information on the recursion project here

The VCA Masters Exhibition features the work of graduating students completing the Master of Contemporary Art and Master of Fine Art. Commencing in the Margaret Lawrence Gallery and spreading throughout the campus, this exhibition celebrates the students’ outstanding accomplishments in 2016.

The 2016 graduate catalogue, ‘one hundred and sixty-five degrees’ is available for purchase on the night at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery.
Exhibition Dates: 

6 December to 11 December

Daily from 11.00am – 5.00pm
Enter via Margaret Lawrence Gallery
40 Dodds Street, Southbank

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