The Isolation of Being

A drawn figure has been shaped into a landscape by a neural network. The figure is sitting with their knees up and head down.

These AI Based artworks have been made working with image translation neural networks online through While not directly related to my research, these images are somewhat poignantly resonating with my feelings during isolation. It’s hard to focus and online diversions such as this have been helping, tangentially related to my work and yet new and unusual at the same time. The works are made by drawing and having the neural network generate a landscape from the sketch. I use rough sketches of bodies and faces to build the landscape around, exploring pareidolia, and the bodily nature of landscapes. I find I am missing nature the most, as are many of my friends, and this builds nature around the person in the style of different landscape movements. These images and videos also resonate with the idea that “nature is healing” a hopeful message that has become a meme in these trying times as we look for positivity to help sustain us.

The Isolation of Being – Portrait as landscapes
Isolation of Being Body as landscape video

J. Rosenbaum is an artist exploring the boundaries of technology and art. Their most recent works examine the nature of non-binary transness and their own gender and sexuality. They create technologically based art using physics based rendering, Deep Neural Networks and Augmented Reality. They are continuing their research into computer perceptions of gender with their PhD at RMIT.

self portrait from webcam