Artist statement

I specialize in nude artworks and life drawing, with a twist… no live models are used in the creation of my artwork.

Using 3D modeling, I morph, texture and pose my figures and then light them, creating realistic renders that I use as a reference in my paintings and drawings.

I start out with a rough sketch, then shape my models to look exactly as I see in my mind’s eye. With 3D modeling, I have complete control over the model’s look, complex lighting and angles that wouldn’t be available in a conventional studio. I am able to spend hours getting the angle on a light exactly right to ensure a shadow falls the right way.

My artwork explores the relationship women have with their bodies. The works are sensual, the lines flowing, revealing the sense of connection we have between our bodies and our minds. My paintings are unashamedly nude, but not erotic or titillating. They capture movement, gestures, emotion and encourage an empathic reaction in the viewer. My artwork considers the different issues women face both internally and through external forces. The nude body is a beautiful, sensual, expressive entity. The beauty of the female form and the emotion evident in each gesture are endless sources of inspiration for me.


It shouldn’t take being hit by a car to discover your passion in life, but that is precisely what happened with me. In order to quench the pain of my new disability I returned to my first love, painting. Always technically proficient, my works lacked a certain something. But now my new focus allowed me to expand my interest into a new career with a new sense of abandon imbuing my artworks and a new emotional quality that has propelled my vision ahead.
I started studying again, taking classes online from universities like Curtin and RMIT to fill out my prior art education at Monash university. I painted and evolved my signature styles, almost by accident every time. I have worked to get my artwork out online, offline, and into the hands of collectors worldwide. I have exhibited internationally and locally, received awards for my artwork and excellent reviews.
My studio is in my home where I can paint at any time of the day or night. I live with my husband and two cats and rely on my iPod for those late night painting sessions. I also maintain a blog where I write about censorship issues and nude art and maintain nude advocacy groups. It is one of my missions to help change attitudes about the nude in art.


I use a variety of techniques in my paintings and drawings, from palette knife, to drawing. I am not limited by any one technique or media but choose to experiment and explore through different textures and different feeling media such as oils, acrylics, charcoal, pencil and pastel. I use quality media and consider every piece to be an extension of myself.

To Find out more about my accident and physical progress please click here:The Accident Details

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  • By samuel - Reply

    You are so beauty.
    I like if we can have good contact.

  • By shem kerr - Reply

    Is it your mind that Samuel finds beautiful? If not, then I have a bad feeling about contact with him. I sure hope that you’re married,or a lesbian or just plain stroppy, snore loudly or fart in bed.

  • By contortionguy - Reply

    I think your work is great! Your openess and free spirit is a breath of fresh air! Wish I could have you paint a pic of me, you have a rare combo….Beauty and brains…..

  • By LeRoy - Reply

    Hi Jennie,

    I like your work a lot. I am encouraged that you dont think you have to confine yourself to a particular style or technique as is subtly demanded by today’s art establishment. Though I have not seen any variation in this body of work, I hope to see some more of your work in different styles and techniques.

    One love

  • By Jack - Reply

    Why aren’t you wearing any pants?

  • By Girish Menon - Reply

    No nude pics of you on your blog?

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