Kinnari 3D Render


Kinnari use their wings to move between the mystical planes and the earthly. They act similarly to muses, inspiring others with their grace and beauty in dance. often depicted as mischievous, they are always alluring and beautiful, sometimes in a guardian capacity. They are a classical feminine ideal in many ways, strong, graceful and elegant. The male counterpart is the half-horse Kinnara. An excellent musician providing music for the Kinnari.

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This Render is for Sale! Buy it Now to receive free shipping world-wide. This piece is a 3D render printed on quality canvas and stretched on Kiln Dried stretcher arms. Each piece is printed to order to a limited edition of ten. After ten, no more of this work will be produced. Each piece is hand numbered and signed and each print is quality checked before sending out. it may take up to three weeks for each piece to arrive depending on your location. if you need it by a specific date let me know in the comments and I will expedite it as much as possible.

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