My 3D renders are integral to my process. They form the lifeblood of the composition and the final painting and now you can buy a part of the process for your own! I use the latest in 3D technology to create an image, to pose my model and shape them, to craft the lighting and the atmosphere. What is a render? Rendering is taking what I tell the computer and producing a photorealistic version complete with real time physics based queries to ensure that the shadows and reflections are all exactly where they would be in real life. None of these limited edition prints are photographs. Each piece is a simulation run by my computer and I to create as lifelike an image as possible. I can use 3D to simulate unrealistic situations and to create things we have never seen before. I sign and number each render individually before sending out. They are printed on archival canvas and stretched on extra wide kiln dried stretchers. Each piece is supplied with hanging wire and is ready to hang on your wall! These Limited edition prints are in a run of 10 and when the run is complete no more will be offered. these are extremely short print runs designed to maximize the value of the piece you are buying.

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