A mosaic of a AI generated face made up of DCGAN generated faces

Set in Stone

A series of marble faces, generated by AI, as it learns to create and update its bias’ on gender. First it is trained to generate masculine marble faces, fixed, immovable. Then marble feminine faces are added. It learns to change, a transgender neural network, updating its knowledge and its experience as it goes. Then the […]

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An image of bob ross that has been style transferred to look like a circuit board

AI evangelism and Art Creation

There are a lot of presuppositions in this article that require examining. Much of this is written from an artistic academic perspective which (hello!) puts me in a unique position to explore. If artificial intelligence were ever to achieve sentience, could it feasibly produce art?https://t.co/QbD8w4hSBm pic.twitter.com/qoLE39dqV8 — frieze (@frieze_magazine) July 17, 2018 This talks about […]

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