Hidden Worlds Technical Information

I constructed Hidden Worlds by chaining together different machine Learning projects and training them in my own specific datasets to get the results I was after. this is an initial experimental round in the development of a greater project around viewing gender through the lens of computer vision. The concept behind this was to take … Continue reading Hidden Worlds Technical Information

Provocaré festival at Artboy Gallery

ne stands with a phone on a very neutral plane. nym's leg is cocked and nym's face is clearly visible in the phone looking at the viewer. Ne has lip gloss on and a davidian frame.

My Recursion works will be exhibited alongside Marc-o-Matic's amazing AR creations at ArtBoy Gallery during the Provocaré festival from July 20 - 30 Join an art walk to see all of the amazing creations on offer during Provocaré or visit the gallery any time between those dates to see the works in action! Marco and … Continue reading Provocaré festival at Artboy Gallery

Real World VR Presentation

a hand holds up a mobile phone showing a machine learning animation that reacts to the image on the wall in front of it

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM Loop Project Space & Bar 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne REAL WORLD VR - VR / AR / MR THE ARTS SESSION (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed reality & The Arts) The night includes a Q & A forum, virtual reality experience on large format screens. An opportunity for … Continue reading Real World VR Presentation

Buzzconf Meetup Presentation – Mixed Reality and Art: The Quest for Balance

Rosenbaum's app Recursion in action showing an augmented Reality overlay of a reclining figure. the image on the screen is a machine learning interpretation of the image on the wall.

Mixed Reality and Art: The Quest for Balance - Jennie Rosenbaum March 30 - Loop Bar Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are this year’s hottest buzzwords when it comes to art. Are they just gimmicks or is there something deeper behind the work? When artists can create whole immersive worlds or blur the line between the … Continue reading Buzzconf Meetup Presentation – Mixed Reality and Art: The Quest for Balance