Award Winner! – Midsumma Australia Post Arts Prize

Thank you to Elena Monteleone for taking this photograph when I received my award!

My work Xe has won the Major Prize at the Midsumma Australia Post Arts Prize! What a thrill it is and such an honor to be selected from all of the outstanding finalists. I was inspired to enter because of the Theme of the exhibition, a vision of the future. My work is about inclusivity … Continue reading Award Winner! – Midsumma Australia Post Arts Prize

2016 Art Masters Exhibition 

30x30" Digital Print on MDF with Augmented Reality Installation - a figure sitting in a very masculine pose on a chaise looking at his phone, he has a very curvaceous body

The culmination of my masters degree! Come by to see my work upstairs in the bracks elbow space. A dazzling array of casual nudity, godlike figures arrayed in silks stare at their phones, unselfconscious of their skin. The viewer lifts their phone and through the lens the image distorts, changes. It becomes more, somehow, but … Continue reading 2016 Art Masters Exhibition 

Brr! High Vibes? more like high Vibrates!

The High Vibes festival was dampened slightly which sucks but there were still quite a few people around. It was very neat, such a cool, free festival with hippies dancing in the street - pure expression everywhere and my work on display for all to see - a pretty cool feeling 🙂 It reminded me how far I am from my corporate career and how happy I am to be back in the world of art and expression and freedom.... and how I am now, truly free.It was a very cool feeling indeed.