The Isolation of Being

A drawn figure has been shaped into a landscape by a neural network. The figure is sitting with their knees up and head down.

These AI based artworks have been made with image translation neural networks online. They are somewhat poignantly resonating with my feelings during isolation and quarantine during the Covid19...

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Set in Stone

A mosaic of a AI generated face made up of DCGAN generated faces

A series of marble faces, generated by AI, as it learns to create and update its bias’ on gender. First it is trained to generate masculine marble faces, fixed, immovable. Then marble feminine faces are added. It learns to change, a transgender neural network, updating its knowledge and its experience...

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Provocaré festival at Artboy Gallery

ne stands with a phone on a very neutral plane. nym's leg is cocked and nym's face is clearly visible in the phone looking at the viewer. Ne has lip gloss on and a davidian frame.

My Recursion works will be exhibited alongside Marc-o-Matic’s amazing AR creations at ArtBoy Gallery during the Provocar√© festival from July 20 – 30 Join an art walk to see all of the amazing creations on offer during Provocar√© or visit the gallery any time between those dates to see the...

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