‘Divine Agencies’ explores the various mythologies surrounding angelic creatures throughout history and traces angelic figures from pre-history through to modern times throughout different continents and faiths; in doing so, highlighting the similarities between all cultures of humanity. This collection of works follows up on Rosenbaum’s successful ‘Messengers of the Gods’ exhibition, with a focus on pre-historic and bronze age angels from all over the world in her trademark layered ochre-on-canvas technique.

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Dome Gallery at Mission to Seafarers Victoria
717 Flinders Street
Melbourne Precinct

Throughout history different cultures have had visions of humanoid figures with wings. Tracing back to the Neolithic Era wings have symbolized a transitional state, the path between heaven and the earthly plane and the divine in humanity. This exhibition explores various mythologies surrounding angelic creatures throughout history. Through this exhibition Jennie explores the historical traces of winged figures from pre-history through the Bronze Age on different continents and in different faiths. This exhibition will be a follow up to her successful Messengers of the Gods exhibition. In this exhibition she will be exploring Worldwide shamanic beliefs, Inuit, Greek and Irish as well as delving into South America and Africa.

The artworks are created in Jennie’s signature ochre technique, using layered washes and strategic removal of paint to create a deep three-dimensional look and a strong emotional feel. Skin tones are produced using this technique with colors and glazes to enhance the emotive qualities and sketcherly aspect of the figures with rich warm earth tones and splashes of color in traditional Flemish Technique glazing. The works compliment the magnificent historic architecture of the Dome Gallery at the Mission to Seafarers, Melbourne.

Jennie specializes in nude artworks and life drawing, with a twist… no live models are used in the creation of her artwork. “Using 3D computer graphics, I morph, texture and pose my figures and then light them, creating realistic renders that I use as a reference in my paintings and drawings. With 3D modeling, I have complete control over the model’s look, complex lighting and angles that wouldn’t be available in a conventional studio. I am able to spend hours getting the angle on a light just so to make sure a shadow falls the right way”.

The paintings will explore different mythological and religious representations of winged figures from several cultures, past and present. Jennie has studied art history, comparative religion and mythology at length and looks forward to continuing to put her research into practice in this exhibition.

A passion for creating art has always been a driving force in Jennie’s life. Her work as a professional artist began after a car accident that left her with a chronic pain disability. “I’ve always been drawn to the human figure and have refined a technique over ten years that pulls together modern and historical techniques”. Jennie’s first exhibitions were concerned with body image and ability. “I started reaching further into what makes us human, beyond our emotions and our bodies. I am driven by the concept of humanity, by what makes us people. Our emotions, our beliefs, our fears and the ways we treat each other. So much focus is laid on the differences between religions that we rarely stop to think about where the beliefs came from. Many modern religions have beliefs that stem from antiquity and have been refined over millennia to create the forms we are now familiar with. I believe that if we were to highlight the similarities between the faiths rather than the differences we may find that each culture has much more in common. I chose the universal symbol of a winged figure to highlight the similarities between cultures- a link everyone can appreciate.”

Divine Agencies opens at the Dome Gallery at the Mission to Seafarers on the 14th of November through to the 27th of November. For more information contact Catherine McLay at curator@missiontoseafarers.com.au [/learn_more]

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