Nike (the power of victory)

Nike (the power of victory) by Jennie Rosenbaum

Nike is the goddess of strength, speed and victory, also sometimes considered an aspect of Athena in her warrior mode. I wanted to explore the warrior aspect further. While most images of her are shown with flowing robes and a laurel wreath as a charioteer, I wished a departure from this, a strong, fast warrior wielding a grecian spear. she is someone you wouldn’t want to tangle with, but someone you definitely want on your side. her wings are individual sword blades. her hair is wild and free.

Nike, in this case, is also a symbol for many of the warrior goddesses I’ve come across in pre-history. Their names are often lost, an aspect of fearlessness in battle and strength of will. Many gods and goddesses from older cultures were absorbed into the Greek and Roman belief structures. As one culture prevailed the beliefs of different tribes and regions were appropriated along with it’s people and the similarities of beliefs ended up being merged. Many Proto-Indo-European cultures had similar belief structures with an emphasis on goddesses. As these cultures were subsumed into more Patriarchal Indo-European concepts the male gods rose to favor and the female gods were given lesser positions. Nike is believed to be an appropriated goddess from the Proto-Indo European cultures as her name is rooted on the Proto-Indo European language.

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