Jennie Rosenbaum has been working as a full-time artist since a debilitating car accident renewed her passion for art forging a new career out of a potential disaster.

[quote]The beauty and sensuality of the nude body and the strangeness of the human psyche continually fascinate me. My work is heavily connected to my sense of self and my own feelings about my body. I take the frustration and pain from my disability and use it to fuel my inspiration and explore further the body’s weaknesses and strengths.

My themes expand from my different explorations of body and self. I paint with strong lines and rich curves.  I work continually to explore the connections between anatomy and external beauty and the sensuousness of the curves that interrelate. I mostly paint in oils as I love the richness and flexibility of the medium. 

These works have expanded from one piece exploring sensuality and freedom. From there I have moved into the exploration of body image and perception. The technique I am using creates great tonal effects and strong passionate lines. It has a sketcherly approach and can be raw and confronting or soft and delicate.[/quote]

[learn_more caption=”Read more…”] Jess Bowden is a young artist from Warrnambool, Victoria. Whilst she has had a number of exhibitions locally, this will be her first Melbourne show. She paints a mixture of slightly warped figurative pieces and bold, colourful abstracts, and is very excited to have her work included in this exhibition.

[quote]”Painting is the one thing in my life in which i have complete and utter faith. I know that my creativity and love of painting will never be gone- because it is inside of me. I can only hope that those who view my art gain as much pleasure from the works as i did creating them.”[/quote]


Alisa Teletovic, signing Albak, is originally from Bosnia and Hercegovina but proud Australian living here from 1994.

[quote]“This abstract imagery represents many aspects of my inner and outer self, becoming a metaphorical self-portrait in searching for the identity. I arrived fleeing war from Bosnia in 1994 and my abstraction started when I was 14 years old. It has been challenging to express my journey through my experience of relocation, finding where I belong and finding my space in this time. For me expression is very much alive. My inner discussions and imagination gives me freedom to escape into world of art for art sake.”[/quote][/learn_more]


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