• Sun
  • 11.7 ” x 8.3
  • US $130

  • Slump
  • 12 ” x 12
  • US $250

  • Heart
  • Sold
  • 5 ” x 7
  • US $100

  • Fade
  • Sold
  • 16 ” x 20
  • US $550

  • Rosy
  • 12 ” x 12
  • US $250

  • Glow
  • 18 ” x 18
  • US $550

  • Ink
  • 21 ” x 30
  • US $1100

  • Lazy
  • 20 ” x 8
  • US $300

  • Doubt
  • 20 ” x 24
  • US $800

  • Shade
  • 12 ” x 12
  • US $300

  • Verso
  • 18 ” x 18
  • US $550

  • Wet
  • 18 ” x 18
  • US $550

  • Rage
  • Sold
  • 36 ” x 21
  • US $1300

  • Stance
  • 8.3 ” x 11.7
  • US $130

  • Gaze
  • 8.3 ” x 11.7
  • US $130

  • Reach
  • Sold
  • 23.4 ” x 16.6
  • US $220

  • Verge
  • 23.4 ” x 16.6
  • US $220

  • Flaunt
  • 16.6 ” x 23.4
  • US $220

  • Truth
  • 24 ” x 30
  • US $1300

  • Force
  • 24 ” x 36
  • US $1300

0 thoughts on “Artwork”

  • By josiegrosie - Reply

    Your art is beautiful. I think the human body is the most beautiful thing on earth and a perfect tool of expression. I would like to study drawing of the body a lot more but havn’t really had the chance

  • By Justin - Reply

    wow that art is really something quite amazing. Art can do so many things, from being overwhelming to inspirational. Your art is truely inspirational.

  • By CDS - Reply

    Speaking as an experienced painter and instructor: you’re not painting what you see. You’re painting what you think, not what you see. Human bodies don’t have big black lines around them. Throw away all your tubes of black paint, real oil painters don’t use black, they mix a black from colors.

  • By Jennie - Reply

    actually it’s interesting you raise traditional oil painting techniques as that is where I started. I still blend my colors from minimal palette! these days I feel a need to work with my own issues and my feelings to create emotive pieces I’m not trying to depict what I see but what I feel. I don’t work from life but conceptually to create meaning and empathy. in a way it’s harder!

    thanks for your feedback, I’m going to continue with painting what I feel but rest assured I still do classic flemish technique portraits 😉

  • By Jennie - Reply

    oh, PS all email addresses entered for comments will not be displayed on this site or used for spam, your privacy is assured but it really means a lot to me when people enter their real email addresses as I do try to respond to people privately to let them know how much I appreciate your comments! (I am behind right now, I’m so sorry!)

  • By shelbycockrell - Reply

    I like spirit and ink the best!

  • By timethief - Reply

    I love them all and “spirit” the best of all. You’re one very talented lady – paint on and never let the prudes get you down. 🙂

  • By Jennie - Reply

    oops, I just realized that these images were down – so embarrassing! I will be adding some new ones soon as well.

    Thankyou all for your lovely comments! 🙂 I look at them whenever I’m feeling a bit low – they really pick me up.

  • By arteccentrix - Reply

    Hi Jennie, I’ve not been by for a bit but just wanted to lend my support to your commenters here – I’ve enjoyed looking at these paintings and admire you for leaving up the dense criticism from CDS.

    I think if all artists listened to ‘teachers’ the art world would be all the poorer, and so much creativity would be stifled. Expressing emotion and feeling in your work is all important so bravo for standing your ground!


  • By Jennie - Reply

    Thanks so much Nickola, I really enjoy reading your blog. thanks for your comments!

  • By james joseph - Reply

    whats new and when will it post, I,M also an artist, I paint in oil. Looking forward to your new works.

  • By Jennie - Reply

    Hi James, I’ve added an RSS feed to this page. if you want to keep up to date with the latest works I have added you can subscribe to get them fresh delivered as soon as they are added! thanks for the suggestion

  • By All Nudist - Reply

    CDS is absolutely right. You should never express what you feel or think in your artwork. What a silly idea. It shows that you aren’t a true artist like CDS, the person that actually gets paid to tell others how to show their inner emotions without expressing them.

    You should just get a camera and take a pic. It’s a lot easier and doesn’t take up nearly as much of your time. And people won’t have those nasty black edges. Ugh.

    Imagine if Picasso painted what he actually saw instead of what he felt, people wouldn’t still be trying to figure what the hell he was saying! Life would be so much easier of we didn’t have to think!

    On that same subject (forgive me Jen), all you Americans out there, please remember to vote for John McCain this fall. You don’t need to think at all to do that… Steve

  • By Jennie - Reply

    lol Steve! it took a lot of willpower for me to not say something very similar to CDS actually, imagine if we just painted what we saw all the time? how dull. the point of painting is to go beyond that isn’t it? ah, I should be good 😀

    actually, I’m registering for an absentee vote this year – this election is way too important to pass up.

  • By allbusiness1 - Reply

    Jennie, you are truly hot,verysexy, and a very beautiful artist, i’m jim, an artist as well, i paint what i see and feel, i let my mind make the painting what it should be. You are on fire, you keep painting, and staying so sexy love ya!allbusiness4@gmail.com.

  • By Jennie - Reply

    Thankyou very much Jim!

  • By Annette - Reply

    I’m with Steve..don’t put too much stock in the art teacher’s comment. Painting is something very personal, and you’re obviously doing a fine job without snooty input. Keep it up. It’s always easy to be a critic, and your paintings are yours and nobody else’s.

  • By Roj - Reply

    You obviously love painting, have you ever thought about documenting your process? Take phots at significant intervals throughout the drawing/painting process. The process could then becomes more than a means to an end. I paint because I like painting not because I particularly or necessarily like my finished paintings. I would be interested to see your work in time – see the gestation of the image and get more of a feel for the enjoyment you derive from the activity. I think life drawing is fundamental and ultimate to visual art and doing it is sublime.
    Paint it up!

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  • By Cecil - Reply

    I followed a link from Steve’s blog to here and just wanted to express my total agreement with what Steve and others have said… An artist MUST paint what they feel as that IS what they see.

    The value of art lies not in the way a subject is rendered but in the ability of an artist to share the emotional response they have to that subject.

    Van Gogh’s early works were much more true to life and traditional than those he created towards the end of his life, but it is that later work, some complete with lines around the subject, that allows us to glimpse his passion and the vision he had of the world around him.

    A true artist paints what THEY see and feel, for themselves, and not for anyone else. That’s what separates the craftsman from the artist.

  • By soumen - Reply

    Mam these r really beautifull n awsome……….I really liked it.Actually i have just completed my graduation in animation n multimadia.Thats why i need some nude references of female n male photograps for free.m a student right now.thank you mam

  • By Аркадий - Reply

    Все-таки реально нравится мне Ваш блог. Всегда очень интересно читать, включая эту тему. 🙂

  • By Dave - Reply

    Wow, your paintings are of naked people. Aren’t you, like, afraid of going to hell and shit? Aren’t you concerned that you will be rejected by world famous art venues like the Merc in Temecula, California because your work isn’t “family-friendly”? What if a poor innocent child stumbles onto your site? Wouldn’t you feel guilty for snatching his innocence away? You know, once a child finds out what people look like naked, you can never put that genie back in the bottle. His entire existence will forever be defined by a careless moment when he accidentally landed on your site, saw naked people, and will now be traumatized for life. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a drug addict and starts selling his body on the street.

    Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. I don’t get invited to many parties. I’ve been told that people don’t like my sarcastic attitude, but I think the real problem is that people are just too busy being unhappy to have time for someone with my warm sunshiny personality.

    Well, gotta go. I’m in a hurry to get started on my new plan to set up a treatment center for children who have been to your site and have been irreparably harmed. I hear there’s lot of money to be made in rehabilitating children who have been exposed to nudity and sex before their 18th birthday.

    By the way, I like your work. Don’t pay any attention to CDS. A hundred years ago, CDS would probably have told Picasso he should stop painting what he feels and start painting what he sees. In fact, it seems a bit unlikely that a “real artist” would even make such a stunningly ignorant remark.

  • By Don Loop - Reply

    Truth and Delicate really catch my eye.

    • By Jennie - Reply

      Thank you very much Don! I tend to think of those as a pair these days, even though I created them separately, I always hang them together.

  • By Don Loop - Reply

    PS. I love that gleam in your eye. Thought provoking indeed.

    • By Jennie - Reply

      Lol! Ty 😉

  • By sam.nayani - Reply

    nice pics jennie………..

    • By Jennie - Reply

      Thankyou very much Sam! 🙂

  • By Derek M Brown - Reply

    very nice

  • By Montenegro Ferrel - Reply

    NIce work jennie,

    It is not an easy subject to paint! But if you are a romantic – than it should flow out naturally!

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