Clouds: The 6th International Exhibition on New Media Art 2020

Clouds invitation

An international exhibition of new media art and artists exploring identity, culture and creation. CICA Museum March 25 – April 12 , 2020 2020. 03. 25 – 04. 12 Featured Artists 참여작가: Sandra Araújo, Reid Arowood, Tyler Calkin, Yanyun Chen & Sara Chong, Hyeonah Choi 최현아 & Ahyeon Bong 봉아연,...

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Frankenstein’s Telephone

‘Frankenstein’s Telephone’ is a conceptual artwork created using artificial intelligence to examine how computer vision expresses gender classifications. Each of the images in the sequence  are snapshots of that document how various neural networks have generated an image based on a prompt phrase. The steps taken to create the sequence are...

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Future Histories

Future histories cropped image. Two brightly colored wooden cutout figures suspended. The words future histories is written on the card

Banyule Council is proud to present Future Histories as part of our celebration of Midsumma Festival 2020. This art exhibition is a safe space for people to engage with LGBTIQ+ issues, and explores current themes facing the LGBTIQ+ community with a focus on gender diversity. Each of the artists explores...

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Set in Stone

A mosaic of a AI generated face made up of DCGAN generated faces

A series of marble faces, generated by AI, as it learns to create and update its bias’ on gender. First it is trained to generate masculine marble faces, fixed, immovable. Then marble feminine faces are added. It learns to change, a transgender neural network, updating its knowledge and its experience...

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