Melek Taus (Maligned and Misunderstood) 36×48 Oils on Canvas

Melek Taus (Maligned and Misunderstood) 36x48 Oils on Canvas

Melek Taus is the Yazidi Peacock God. a complex figure across several faiths he is revered by some and abhorred by others. according to the Yazidi faith Melek Taus was created second, just below God and was ordered by god to bow to no-one – not even him After adam was created and God ordered all the archangels to bow to him Melek Taus refused. it is believed by the Yazidis that he passed God's test, and by other paths that share similar roots that this ties Melek Taus to satan or shaitan.  indeed he did become a fallen angel for a while, before the creation of the world, but repented and restored his position as second most holy. his repentant tears filled seven jars which quenched the fires of hell. Yazidis believe that everyone has the capacity for good and evil within them and that Melek Taus is the example because he had the choice given by God and chose good.

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