The works you see on the wall are not all they appear. Recursion takes the digital art of J. Rosenbaum to the next level by layering further digital interactions over existing digital artworks via Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality takes our world and reconfigures it, it uses phone cameras and wearables to detect markers in the…

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DCGAN generated image of a figure based on Greek and Roman Statuary

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds uses Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to examine gender through the lens of computer vision. These works use a computer trained on Greek and Roman statuary to generate its own which I interpret in my own way. I use another AI to write descriptive content for each work and generated music to create…

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a figure lying on a rock asleep with water flowing like fabric over them


A mixed media exploration of Naiads, Dryads and Nereids from Greek and Roman mythology using augmented Reality, 3D modeling and neural networks to create modern interpretations of classical creatures of nature. Using the highly technological with the highly natural invites discussion about how at odds we are to the natural world and how we might…

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Promotional image for Uncanny Valley, a hand holds a phone up to a computer generated face. The phone is taking a selfie where the persons face has been overlaid with the face in the artwork.

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a slightly silly look at facial recognition technologies, social media and augmented reality. I scraped tens of thousands of snapchat selfies, then had my GAN create its own. I was expecting to see more of the snapchat augmentations but it most often removed them and I was left with a fascinating array…

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