Uncanny Valley

Promotional image for Uncanny Valley, a hand holds a phone up to a computer generated face. The phone is taking a selfie where the persons face has been overlaid with the face in the artificial intelligence artwork.

Enter the Uncanny Valley, an unnerving place, a place to explore computer generated people, to transplant their faces onto your own and see humanity and the posthuman surrealism of snapchat through a computer’s eyes. Works generated by AI, added to your face using AI to turn you into a computer...

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Fanboy vs ArtBoy: Science Fiction

Come Join me and explore strange new worlds and distant horizons at FanBoy vs ArtBoy: Science Fiction. Opens Friday 25th Nov 6-9pm Exhibition runs until 4th Dec ArtBoy Gallery – 99 Greville St, Prahran, Vic Join me and such wonderful artists as Heesco – Mike Adey – Matthew Dunn –...

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Distracted III – Small nudes for gifts

Distracted III 19×13 cm Watercolor and Pencil on Cold Pressed Paper $50 The beauty of watercolors are the beautiful glowing colors – don’t you think? Are you looking for the perfect unique gift idea? Do you have a small space that needs some color? Do you love classic nude art?...

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