VoxxedDays Melbourne 2019

I will discuss my journey to bridge the digital world and the physical world with my Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence based artworks and demonstrate artworks made by other artists working in AR and AI while discussing the technologies involved and the impact they will have on development, art and the way we view the … Continue reading VoxxedDays Melbourne 2019

Yow! Data 2019

We begin with a story, the story of how I went from a painter to an artist working in the latest technologies. I will discuss how I fell into this line of research in my masters and how I am hooked on it now. I will provide practical knowledge about developing AR applications, using Machine … Continue reading Yow! Data 2019


A mixed media exploration of Naiads, Dryads and Nereids from Greek and Roman mythology using augmented Reality, 3D modeling and neural networks to create modern interpretations of classical creatures of nature. Using the highly technological with the highly natural invites discussion about how at odds we are to the natural world and how we might … Continue reading [Un]Natural


OpenLAB showcases the varied practices and uses of technology in the creative industries, presented by Media Lab Melbourne in partnership with ACMI X. For OpenLAB April Media Lab Melbourne is teaming up with QueerTech.io to celebrate Queer creatives! I will be discussing the inspirations and practices behind my work. The successes, the failures and the … Continue reading OpenLAB