Do Steampunk nudes and fairytales go together? find out at ArtBoy Gallery

It’s time for another ArtBoy vs FanBoy exhibition! this time we are exploring Fairytales and Fables. Initially I wasn’t too excited about this theme, immersed as I am in steampunk nudes at the moment. then I got an inspiration. a clock! cinderella! slippers..volumetrics.. it all fell into place to […]

Get steamed up at Steamscape. Steampunk event for L’oreal Fashion Week

An exhibition of some of Melbourne’s finest steampunk artists, fashion shows by leading neo-victorian couturiers, steampunk magic shows and music! This is one event not to be missed. If you have ever been curious about steampunk, neo-Victorians or just interesting art and fashion you have to come along to see […]