Xochiquetzal – 18×24 3D Render

Xochiquetzal 3D Render

The 3D render for my Xochiquetzal (Desire and Youth) Painting. I use 3D digital art as part of my painting process, moulding the figures and posing them, creating the composition I wish to see before painting it. the rendering process creates a unique and effective work, distinct from the painted one.

Messengers of the Gods

Mission to Seafarers Messengers of the Gods Invitation

Throughout the ages, different religions have had visions of messengers of the gods;winged creatures, angelic beings. This exhibition explores the different concepts called Angels, Seraphim, cherubim, and various mythologies surrounding angelic winged creatures throughout history. The paintings explore different mythological representations of angels from several cultures, past and present. I have studied art history, comparative religion and mythology at … Continue reading Messengers of the Gods