Raphael – (a Light in the Darkness) – 36×55 Oils on Canvas

I painted Raphael as a Seraphim, the highest Choir of Angels in Christianity. The usual interpretation of Christian angels involves white wings and robes, with trumpets or harps. The bible describes something far more interesting; multiple wings, eyeballs, different faces and heads, animal features, wheels- the descriptions are varied and extremely unusual - even by … Continue reading Raphael – (a Light in the Darkness) – 36×55 Oils on Canvas

Messengers of the Gods

Mission to Seafarers Messengers of the Gods Invitation

Throughout the ages, different religions have had visions of messengers of the gods;winged creatures, angelic beings. This exhibition explores the different concepts called Angels, Seraphim, cherubim, and various mythologies surrounding angelic winged creatures throughout history. The paintings explore different mythological representations of angels from several cultures, past and present. I have studied art history, comparative religion and mythology at … Continue reading Messengers of the Gods