Xe - a figure perched in a classical pose on a pedestal staring at their phone. they are nude and their gender is indeterminate. they are non binary.

Un Magazine Launch and reading

Issue 12.2: Strategic Liaisons, co-edited by Maddee Clark & Neika Lehman, is available in print and online. The print edition of un Magazine is distributed and available for free at galleries and outlets across Australia and internationally. “I was having dinner with M├ętis critical writer & painter, curator & editor David Garneau recently, and he […]

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An image of bob ross that has been style transferred to look like a circuit board

The Future of Art – Devoxx UK

Mind the Geek Most people are aware of the impact machine learning will have on jobs, on the future of research and autonomous machines, but few seem to be aware of the future role machine learning could play in the creative arts, in visual art and music. What will art be like when artists and […]

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J.Rosenbaum Slide Introduction


OpenLAB showcases the varied practices and uses of technology in the creative industries, presented by Media Lab Melbourne in partnership with ACMI X. For OpenLAB April Media Lab Melbourne is teaming up with QueerTech.io to celebrate Queer creatives! I will be discussing the inspirations and practices behind my work. The successes, the failures and the […]

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The Future of Art – Art+Tech LCA2018

I will be presenting the Opening Keynote at the Art + Tech Miniconf at Linuxconf this year. Based at UTS Sydney this talk will explore the future of Art, Generative Art, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and the wonderful and creepy things people are making. Most people are aware of the impact machine learning will have […]

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