Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley is an area of research in robotics and computer generated art where there is a sense of unease and disgust once a humanoid object reaches a certain stage of almost but not quite humanity. I want to play on that and lean into that sense of unease with a quirky exhibition of Artificial Intelligence created works that embrace the imperfection of the current state of Machine Learning and the delicious frivolity of snapchat and augmenting our own personal realities. 
Snapchat uses Machine Learning to detect facial features in order to map the augmentations correctly. We use snapchat to play and augment our selfies and communicate through images and sound and short videos. The data for the generated faces was scraped from snapchat selfies bringing it around in a recursive machine learning loop.
The works consists of images on a wall and snap codes to unlock interactions with the works or facial augmentations.

More about the project and its development here: