Uncanny Valley

Promotional image for Uncanny Valley, a hand holds a phone up to a computer generated face. The phone is taking a selfie where the persons face has been overlaid with the face in the artificial intelligence artwork.

Enter the Uncanny Valley, an unnerving place, a place to explore computer generated people, to transplant their faces onto your own and see humanity and the posthuman surrealism of snapchat through a computer’s eyes. Works generated by AI, added to your face using AI to turn you into a computer […]

New Gallery Representation – ArtBoy Gallery

I’m so excited to announce new gallery representation at ArtBoy Gallery in Prahran on the ultra-cool Greville St. in the heart of Melbourne’s hottest shopping district. Gatecrashing its way into Greville St, Prahran, there is no denying ArtBoy Gallery’s presence! ArtBoy Gallery brings together emerging and established   Melbourne artists in […]